Every Life is Worth Remembering and Celebrating

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Bernard W. Kehler

I am a Celebrant and Life Tribute Professional certified by the renowned
Insight Certified Celebrant Institute.

My passion for working with people who are looking for support during difficult times in their lives, was again ignited when I attended a Celebrant service and was touched to see the service gave dignity, honour, respect, and represented the life of the person lived, and loved. It started me on a journey to become a Life Tribute Professional Celebrant, certified by the renowned Insight Institute of Celebrants.

I have been involved in Elder Care for the past six years and also involved with ethnic and non ethnic groups for over 40 years understanding and participating in various cultural environments. I want to provide people, who are responsible for the funerals of their loved ones, alternatives to traditional services.

What we do?

Every Life Should be Celebrated

Participation connects loved one with family and friends. It’s a way of showing love and helps us face reality. It draws those making decisions into a circle of healing.

Builds roots for those who want a place to remember and honor a loved one. Future generations need a place and connection with their roots.

Celebration of a life lived is essential to the healing of broken hearts and finding closure to a difficult passage.

The power of presence is what the funeral home directors bring to grieving families who want to complete the rite of passage.

Symbols and ceremony – could be a slow walk to church, a grave site, music, or favorite readings. In our efforts to act like no one has died and make it all go away as quickly as possible, we forfeit these wonderful, meaningful, expressions of love. Expressions that have meaning now and offer healing memories in the months to come.

Viewing the body of a loved one can provide reality, great meaning and peace. Gazing lovingly as if drinking in a picture to last for the rest of their lives. They touch hair, pat the hands and talk to one another about how peaceful the person looked.

First, establishing the significance of our loss. Second, establishing the significance of the person we have lost. Third, is the social significance of how much our loved one meant to others.

Safeness. People in grief need safe people and places where grief is acceptable, normal and even healthy, to be able to grieve without someone immediately stepping in to try and stop the tears or express some platitude to calm down. We should not take grief away from anyone. They need us to be there to hug them. We need to learn to trust presence, touch, and silence.

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